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Our Story

Our service began in southwest Eugene near our small wine country community when the DSL internet connection couldn’t keep up with our family business needs.

To solve this, we decided to bring our own high-speed wireless connection to the area. Soon after, word began to spread and our internet expanded from neighbor to neighbor. 


For seven years we have refined and innovated our methods to serve rural communities with high-speed internet. 

We now provide premium Fiber to the Home with gigabit speeds outside of southwest Eugene.


Lane Fi is known for providing a local experience, with the most reliable service available in the area. We are proud to serve our community members. Many of our Members also run businesses from their homes. Other uses include telehealth, online learning, gaming, working from home (video calling), or streaming movies and tv. 


Our enthusiasm comes from a team of people who are full of energy and a passion for building the fiber optic infrastructure, installing Member’s homes, and serving people from our local offices through committed communication. 

We are excited to build Fiber to the Home to rural areas where people do not have a reliable connection. Through this process, we enjoy meeting new Members at the installation and building relationships with people from new communities when we are completing maintenance of building new infrastructure. 

The Team

The Team

Nolie Scheid

Chief Executive Officer

Maddie Sisson

Vice President

Travis Keune

Chief Field Operations


Elizabeth Paul

Chief Operations Officer


Five Star Member Experience Ratings in Eugene

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