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Fiber to the Home vs. Fixed Wireless

The long-term benefits of installing Fiber to your Home


  • Having a fiber optic connection to your home increases your home value up to 10%. 

  • As technology demands faster and faster internet speeds to keep up, fiber will be a long time solution for you and your family no matter how many devices are connected to the internet at once.

  • When homeowners invest in burying there fiber cable they reduce the risk of weather-related injuries to their internet connection.

  • Homeowners have the ability to upgrade to 10Gigabit speeds in the future seamlessly.

  • Fiber Optic internet is a more secure solution for your home compared to wireless or DSL connections. Read more.

"The top benefit of fiber optic Internet is the quality of your connection. Unlike other wired connections, and especially wireless, fiber’s signal barely degrades the further it moves from the source of the connection. For example, copper has a distance limitation that can't even be addressed adequatly with repeaters. At a certain distance, you simply run out of signal.

Additionally, fiber has a significantly higher resistance to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), meaning the signal won’t be disturbed by things that carry an electrical signal, like power lines or your building’s physical infrastructure.

Since environmental factors have little effect on fiber, it can reach speeds anywhere from 50 Mbps to 100Gbps. This speed is unmatched by competing technologies." [Source]


With fixed wireless internet connections, they require a clear line of site for a quality connection. In addition to maintaining line of site, there is also more maintenance required for wireless systems on the network end. 

Tech Comparison

Download Speeds
Upload Speeds
20Ms Slower
20Ms Faster
*Speeds based on averages collected from area data. Our data based on feedback from users and ads

How Much Internet Do I need?
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Speed Comparisons
5-40 Mbps
  • Checking Your Email

  • Google Searches

  • Streaming on 1 Device 

  • Video Calling

  • Online Gaming for one player

50-200 Mbps
  • Checking Your Email

  • Google Searches

  • Streaming UHD on a few devices

  • Video Calling on Multiple Devices

  • Online Gaming for Multiple devices

  • Download & Upload Large Files quickly

500-1000 Mbps 
  • 'Doing a lot of almost anything'

Data and comparisons courtesy of
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